Liam's 5th Year in Review

Liam!! 5 year old… and what a year! I love your enthusiasm towards school… and the friendships you’ve formed with classmates has been awesome! But… lets maybe hold off on marrying every girl in your class :) I’m entertained by your eagerness to explore and your knack for creatively enjoying such simple things. Your mom and I smile ear to ear when watching you and Declan play together, the conversations you two have are hilarious. We are so grateful for the patience you show your brother… Even though he can be a little intense at times, he looks up to his big brother. haha your little shadow!

Declan's 3rd Year in Review

Declan!!! My crazy little boss man! I cant believe you are 3 already. The unforgettable memory of your amazingly strong mommy bringing you into this world seems like it was yesterday. You are growing and fearlessly maturing so fast… how are mom and I going to keep up with you. I feel your going to be riding, skiing and climbing laps around us before we know it!! My favorite are those cuddles in the evenings as you wind down from your energetic and usually mischievous day….as you whisper …. “lets make hearts” and give me a kiss! So stinking cute you are! Mommy and I Love You Bud!