Day 1: Pastoral Pk to Sunburst Pk

"The perfect figure 8 tour" Is how I like to think of my first experience touring in the AK.  Defiantly didn't break into it slowly.  As this tour consumed 9 hours over 10 miles and included two peaks.  Well almost, we decided against a summit push to Pastoral Pk due to the previous nights high winds.  Thus we skied off a subpeak to the north.  Then climbed back to Taylor Pass and over to Sunburst Pk.

The figure 8

Kristin and Darcie on the approach up Taylor Creek

If only that Cornice didn't loom over those spines

One of my Fav's:  Kickstep and Tincan Peaks

Kristin adding to the canvas

The Line we wanted to ski off Pastoral's summit

The line we ended up skiing


Kickstep, oh ya and the ladies