LA ROCKS ? - Riverside Quarry

A day after skiing in the Southern Selkirks of northern Idaho, K and I broke out the climbing gear for the last climbing trip of 2010.  I was attending a conference for work in Anaheim, CA of all places :(  A bit to far for Taquitz, Yosemite, Or Joshua Tree.  Leaving us with trying to find some worldclass rock in  the LA area....?  Impossible right?  Actually.... Riverside, CA, one of LA's many neighboring cities is home to what is called Riverside Quarry.  

An abandoned massive hunk of granite left by Lime miners once they cleaned all the Lime out.  The result superb steep climbing on featured granite.  The huge cliff band is 200-300ft tall in spots.  With over 200+ routes.  All quality!  Cant wait to go back, if only it wasn't in LA area!  However being in the LA means warm temps almost year around.  The crag mainly faces west, making winter afternoons perfect.  

Crag Location: google map

Noteworthy Sends: 
Conundrum 5.10d
  RP 2nd go.

The massive granite cliff of Riverside Quarry

Close up of the featured granite, many of the routes here require a 70m rope

A look at Tangerine Dream, one of the more classic moderate lines at the crag

Brian, prepping for the crux on "Conundrum"

Brian at the base Trundle Trophy a crag classic, 100ft in length

K on "Power Play"

Brian, contemplating the business on "Tangerine Dream"
In the business, trying to beat the setting sun

The steep finish of "Tangerine Dream"... 13 bolts later

K on "Whammy"