The Aftermath

Saturday  marked our return to the BC following the "January Thaw" cycle.  Bryan, Andrew, Derek and I left the willow creek TH at 0900, retracing my ascent from 1/9/11.   We continued slightly past the summit of West Willow Pk to dig a  pit at 6250' on an east facing slope.

What we found:
  • 30cm of heavy snow ontop of a 25cm thick ice layer (knife thick).  No one in the group had a snow saw so properly isolating columns within our snow pit was difficult. However while trying to isolate a column with cord and shovel handle the new snow layer and ice layer failed upon isolation (Q1) We noted similar reactivity with the bottom of the ice layer.  
  • Persistent weak layers below the ice layer appear to of "healed"  including the Dec 13th rain layer.     
With the decent viability we continued towards Stevens Pk summit to eyeball / recon future terrain.

Next we decided it was time to get some turns in among safer / more mellow terrain.  So we headed back to West Willow summit to ski its west side down towards the boulder basin drainage.

After climbing back out of boulder basin we returned to the north facing bowl called Wayne's World by the locals for a 1000' line followed by another 800-1000' line called the "Jammer" by locals.  All in all a good considering the conditions.  After a week of cooler temps and barring anymore warming events, next weeked should be a little more eventful. 

Bryan and Andrew on the climb up from willow creek

Steven's Peak

Andrew playing in Wayne's World