DAY 15: Davis Creek Drainage - Corner Pocket Area

Back on DAY 2 we skied one of the north facing chutes off of Cornbiscuit PK (summit on right side of photo seen below). We liked the looks of the bowl at the termination of the drainage (Davis Creek) when standing on cornbiscuit's summit, it looked steep / deep and shaded from the intense rays. So we decided to check it out on our final day of touring.

Cornbiscuit Pk on right,  point 3600' the saddle at pictures center.  Our goal for the day

Kristin saving the day as I felt like crap, from a head cold! That women can break a mean trail in 30" of freshies!

Black dots represent our line skied from point 3600'

A persistent buried surface hoar (~2-3' down) had our attention so we strapped on the ave lungs for the steep (I measured on average 40-45 degrees) skin/climb up the bowl to its saddle

Kristin waited below for a bit to create some distance between us in case something released. No signs of instability was noted during the steep ascent, I dug a few cat holes every 300' or so all negative for shallower weak layers.

Shows the steep exit onto the ridge. The ridge was very broad limiting wind loading at the bowls lip. A soft slab of 5-6" had formed on top

Our 3100' exit back down Davis creek to the road. The lip of the bowl/ridge is seen at photos bottom, majority of the bowl is not pictured due to its steep nature

View East from pt. 3600' our high point saddle: locals call these 1) in the foreground "Superbowl" - it gets a lot of sun and was sliding, 2) background is Granddaddy couloir, a crown can been seen upon zooming in from a natural slide a few days ago...too bad this one also remains on the todo list.

White-room Powder Baby!

A look back at our hard work as we fly back down the drainage

70 miles later in 13 days, and we are still smiling!