Day 5: Girls Mtn

8.5 miles 8 hours:  Sick tour to Girls Mtn, rode 3000' down its north face to Worthington Glacier!  Climbed back up the glacier avoiding crevasses, spooky at times, then rode 3000' back down to the car! This one was one for the books:)

Climbed the blue line to the summit of Girls Mtn (@1) rode 3000' down to Worthington Glacier , Climbed back up the glacier to (2), then rode the yellow line 2500' back down to the car

Leaving the clouded valley floor behind

The Python seen at pictures center we skied back on DAY 3

The summit push, about 45 degrees, took a few. See the road, our car is down there somewhere!

The final push around the summit cornice

Worthington Glacier resides down below, thats 3000' vertical bliss to be had

Part of the glacier field we navigated to climb back out of Worthington Glacier Field

Looking back at the last 1000' or so of out run

Finally done with the glacier field time to breath and enjoy 3000' vert back to the car