New Year's Canadian Style

Epic start to the new year!  Kristin and I arrived in Nelson at 11:47pm and run into Mike's Place Pub.  Goal: to get a tasty beverage in hand for the ever important toast as the ball drops.  We get the tops popped from 2


(Nelson Brewery IPA's) as the 5 second countdown begins! 

Day 1, A recon day of sorts:

  Beginning with single digit temps at the car sucks!  The burning sensation in our hands as we struggled to equip our boards with skins was almost enough to call it quits for the day and head to

Ainsworth Hot Springs.

The day ended up being awesome, near bluebird skies with all world stability within the snowpack.  We figured out the lay of the land, and fine tuned our approaches for the zones to be shredded on Day 2.   Oh ya and we did get in a 1800' and 1000' run on this "recon day"

Day 2, Sick Sick Sick:

  After leaning our lesson in the single digit tmeps the morning before, we equipped our boards and got everything completely ready from the comfort  of the


We then spent the next  7 hours touring Five Mile Basin / Half Dome, climbing and riding over 6000 vertical feet over 8 miles.  The best part of the day was climbing out of Five Mile Basin as the sun was setting over the Bonnington Range, and wondering if we were going to get down to the pub before it closes!  Both days we skied the final 1000' line through Ymir Basin eventually ending up "in-bounds" at the Whitewater ski resort, with a final destination Johnny Coal's Pub.

Blue = GPS tracks, yellow = our lines

Our 2000' line off of Half Dome

Our 2nd zone / line of the day

Evening Ridge (lookers right) was popular this weekend, Whales Back (lookers left)

K on the skin up

Half Dome in center of photo, with Ymir peak to the right. Our Five Mile Basin "playground" under Half Dome

Ymir Peak

White Queen and the Valhalla range in background

Nearing the summit of Half Dome

Slightly after the summit of Half Dome

K shredding Five Mile

An awesome chute as we near the bottom of Five Mile Basin

K leaving the headwall between Half Dome and Enma Peak, on our second run

The headwall run again

Our tracks at sunset after the headwall run

The Boddington's at sunset, now 1000' left before it gets pitch dark!