The "Pinch and Roll" Method

Tired of trying to separate what seem to be inseparable skins during transitions in the backcountry. Especially when yo-yoing your favorite low angled glade during those high avalanche danger days. Being a split-boarder I'm always looking for ways to improve my transition times. Since valuable time is consumed when trying to peel apart the damn skins (especially with the 2010 glue formulation, the ones w/o the tape down the center), why not try to eliminate this step? Thus the "pinch and roll".

Simply hold the tail of climbing skin, glue side facing you. Start rolling it up. No worries the glue does not stick to the mohair and more importantly the glue can't stick to the glue. Result: a small easy to pack and easy to separate climbing skin.

Note: The skin clip / bar....whatever you want to call it.   Its now ready to hang from the tip of the ski for the SKIN ON (see next pic)

Place the skin clip on the nose of your ski and start  unrolling.  A big plus to the "pinch and roll"  is noticed here, by lessening the chance of getting snow on the glue.  As you unroll the skin it interfaces with your ski immediately, super nice in windy conditions too. 

Only use the pinch and roll while touring. Remember it is important to store your skins the traditional glue to glue fold method, to prevent the glue from drying out, it also helps to redistribute and restore the glue.  Additionally if you notice your skin glue loosing its stickiness while touring, simply store it glue glue ( the fold method) on your next transition.

CONSIDERATIONS:   On those warm spring days days there may be a chance of the mohair sticking to the glue its self.  Thus consider the traditional fold method, as it is usually easier to pull the skins apart on warm days anyway.  An additional concern during warm spring conditions is the use of skin wax.  There is also a chance of the wax on the mohair sticking to the glue.