Boulder Basin - The "Beretta" Bowl

Upon the conclusion of last weeks D U M P!  The crew and I decided to head up to Willow Creek for what would undoubtedly be the best conditions of season at our favorite local spot.  NOAA called for something like 15-20 inches for the storm total....they were off...just a little...there ended up being  3-4 feet at 6000'!

We started the day off with a warmup run in the Lucky Friday Bowl (named after an active mine which is seen down in the town of Mullan from the bowls top)  It was tempting to stay here all day as the conditions were DEEP.  The group was excited to check out a new area, although we knew the Lone Lake basin and Stevens peak were going to be off limits as stability was likely to be...well unstable.  We climbed over West Willow peak and continued along the ridge towards Stevens.  Wind was 20-25 out of the East, there was a solid wind slab being formed on all east facing aspects.  We stopped short of Stevens summit and ended up skiing west into

Beretta Bowl

and down to Boulder Basin.  What a great shot this is, takes some effort to get to when starting at Willow creek but well worth it.  After Beretta bowl we climbed up to a peak a bit further west and enjoyed another line back to boulder basin.  Skiing 3 feet of new, exploring boulder basin, being with some good peeps, cant think of  a better way to spend 9 hours on a Saturday.   

The "crew"

Stevens Peak up in the clouds

Bower entering Beretta Bowl

A look back at Beretta Bowl


Peak on right looks like a future trip

A look at our next line from the peak on the left