Climbing @ the Coulee - Vantage, WA

First multi-day climbing trip of 2011.  Casey, Brian and I headed down to Vantage for 2 days of climbing.  Saturday we climbed at the Millennium, Hen House and Feathers walls.  Sunday we braved the crowds at the popular Sunshine wall, show how scoring two of its classics, Ride' Em Cowboy and Boschido. Followed by two 4 star routes down on the Fat and Skinny Man walls,  the climbing here tends is steeper and more powerful due to the fractured basalt.  Very Deep Creek like:)

Ride' Em Cowboy (5th pillar over from left).  Classic arete, area classic

Ride'Em Cowgirl - Casey

Me on Boschido

Boschido's Crux

Noteworthy Sends:

Thunder Run 5.10b

Monsters Under My Bed 5.10b

Harvest 5.10c

Boschido 5.10c

Fresh Eggs 5.10d