OH CANADA - Garibaldi Provincial Park

Day 2:

OH CANADA... OH CANADA... whyfore art thou in my backyard?  Every backcoutry skiing enthusiast  needs to experience the Garibaldi's, this way Im not the only one seeking counseling for Canadian backcountry withdrawal! :) The opportunities are endless, next season larger packs and tents are to be brought along!

Peaks Skied:

1) Spearhead

2) Decker

3) Blackcomb Glacier 

Overview of our day via GPS tracks

Decker after Riding Spearhead's SE face. For perspective note the skiers putting in the skin track for us:)

Our line off Spearhead

K here as we make our way up Decker Glacier.  Spearhead and Run 1 in the background

View from Decker : Left to Right = Trorey, Overlord, Whirlwind, Fissle

Fissle and our future line:)

Another perspective shot, note the skier traversing under Trorey, heading towards Pattison

Our line off Decker

Kristin's entrance off of Decker.  I pee'd and tightened my boots before her run was over. LEG BURNER

Our last run of the day, down Blackcomb Glacier.  This thing was TOO long!  There is an additional 3 miles of to be skied, crossing through Blackcomb resort, finally dumping out at the famous Whistler village