Ten Sleep Canyon - Reunion on Limestone

The Trips Itinerary 
  1. July 4th: last day of Residency with team Deac.  Gonna miss you guys:
  2. July 5th AM: Cram all of our belongings into two vehicles and one 5x8 Uhaul trailer.
  3. July 5th PM: In route to Ten Sleep Canyon Wyoming for a climbing reunion between  "The Crew Formally from NM" and "The Crew Currently from NM, AZ"
  4. July 10th: Completing the journey and move to our new home in Golden, Colorado
The Guidebook:
Ten Sleep Climbing Guide by Aaron Huey -2011

The Climbing:
Ten sleep Canyon is located in the Bighorn Mountains of north-central Wyoming, offering world-class limestone climbing.  Tommy Caldwell, Jonathan Siegrist among other professional climbers found Ten Sleep a more than worthy destination.  Click HERE for a link to Siegrist's blog and entry for Ten Sleep.

The Crew:

Da Crew - Short on Shot Glasses for Suzanna's B-day thus bowls and PBR cans:)
PBR Camp Fire Bomb - WAG Photos

Found in the Little Sleeper town of Ten Sleep Wyoming, about 15 minute drive from the Climbing

Some of the east side crags - including the ARC

The Mondo Beyondo Sector, with Slavery Wall seen at pictures center

Trail Markers - Ten Sleep Style

Helmet :) 

Wendy from Santa Fe on Burning Grandma's Bones 5.11b/c

Full Bloom

Me on Crossbow Chaos Theory 5.11a

Noteworthy Sends:

Burning Grandma's Bones 5.11b/c

Crossbow Chaos Theory 5.11a

I Just Do Eyes 5.11b

We have Arrived!  Golden ROCKS :)