Backyard Biking - A Little Taster

Its been quiet sometime since our last post.  I guess that means we have been having to much fun to sit in front of computers and create blog posts:)  Its amazing how fast the summer months have flown by since our relocation to G-Town.  Most of the summer has been spent rock gripping, its just so hard to do anything else with all the epic rock around here.  We've managed many mountain bike rides within the area, however not enough high alpine rides....and there has already been snow topping higher elevation peaks!  I guess the alpine rides will be on the docket for next season.

GPS Tracks:
  • Dedisse Trail, near Evergreen, Colorado
  • Bergen Peak Trail, near Evergreen, Colorado
  • Centennial Cone Trail, Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado
  • Kenosha Pass Trail, near Como, Colorado (18 of 30 miles completed)
    • unable to complete Kenosha pass trail, typically ridden as a 30+ mile ride over Georgia pass finishing with a mind blowing brake slamming descent into the town of Breckenridge.  If you don't have willing friends to pick your now sore behind up in breck and drive you back to your car at Kenosha Pass the ride turn into 60 miles with over 8000' vertical gain. 
    • Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass to Breck is regarded by many as one of the best portions of the Colorado Trail for mtn bikers. Next time some butt butter and an earlier start.  Oh ya we wont forget the beer to bribe friends to pick us up in Breck and shuttle us back to the truck:)
K grinding it out (Dedisse Trail)

Running from the eye, we later got hammered (Centennial Cone Trail)

Ten Mile/Mosquito Range (Kenosha Pass Trail)