Hydrophobia - Shed Topsheet Snow Buildup

Lets pretend It's spring ski season and all those big lines you've been dreaming about all winter long are finally starting to come in.  Those big lines also bring warmer weather, ok ok so we usually welcome the warmer temps, however don't forget with the warmer temps also comes heavier / stickier snow.  If its not sticking to your skins rendering them nearly useless then its sticking / building-up on your darn topsheets, resulting  in you dragging more weight during the climb.

K2 has attempted to shed this build-up problem by  adding a hydrophobic material (SnoPhobic) to the topsheet of their BackSide line of ski.  (below is a snippet from the K2 website)

SnoPhobic Topsheet
Snow collecting on a ski can add weight to a climb. Our SnoPhobic tops keep you light with a new snow-repellent topsheet. The running surface along the bottom of a ski is hydrophobic by design, so we've developed a thinner version of the same material to use on the Back model-specific topsheets. Applying wax to the topsheet increases snow shedding performance.  

 As highlighted above K2 notes that the additional application of wax to their SnoPhobic topsheet may improve performance.  So what about your favorite liquid wax product for your car...


Thats right RAIN-X.  After a recent conversation with a buddy, I'm gonna give the inexpensive treatment a shot (4 ounce bottle similar to the one pictured runs ~ 4.00).  It was developed for car windshields and works great at making rain bead up aiding in the clearing of water from your windshield.  One can only hope that treating your topsheet with RAIN-X will help keep snow off your sticks while touring.

If it ever snows here in CO ill give it a shot and post a review of this possible topsheet build-up eliminator