An Orange Colorado = 3 C's - Berthoud Pass, CO

Current Danger Rose
Front Range
2 / 17 / 2012

Had a wonderful day in the backcountry today near Berthoud Pass with Brian.  Friday am the CAIC released a special statement through Monday (see below) highlighting the Considerable   Avalanche Danger across the entire state, following the second avalanche related death in less then a week.

See CAIC accident reports here
 When I see the orange Considerable its time for the 3 c's:  careful snowpack evaluation, cautious rout-finding and conservative decision-making.   It's possible to enjoy yourself out there.  (Just ask Brian or see a pic below)  Please be careful out there!!!         

Special Statement 2/17/2012 - 2/20/2012
The Colorado Avalanche Information Center is issuing a Special Avalanche Statement for the mountains of Colorado this morning. This Special Statement will remain in effect through the upcoming weekend.

There have been two avalanche fatalities in Colorado since February 13th. This brings avalanche fatalities to 6 for the season. Over the last week seven people have been caught in avalanches. Two people have been seriously injured and required hospital care.  Very large avalanches have been reported across the state.
This trend is expected to continue through the holiday weekend. Do not let the upcoming holiday weekend or the nice weather in any way fool you into thinking the avalanche conditions are anything but very serious across Colorado.

Brian finding the Fun in Conservative Terrain - Berthoud Pass