Going Back to Kaly Kaly Kaly

Just as Notorious B.I.G had once said we are "going back to Kaly Kaly Kaly"

I often find myself thinking about our trip to the Greek Islands, ok ok and of course the more vivid thoughts pertain to tufa pulling mecca of Kalymnos.  The trip was one of those "once in a lifetime" adventures. Despite the once in a lifetime tag, I'm pretty sure the day we left the islands we started planning our next visit.  Now if only we could devise a way to make a living as both a pharmacist and a nurse in Kalymnos.  Might be a little tough as sport climbers tend to take pretty good care of themselves.  But wait, the Europeans, lets just focus on hoards of chain smoking Europeans that tend to frequent Kalymnos.  Ahh those Europeans; some climbers prefer the post send high five, some feel the need to give a play-by-play rerun of the send, but man those euros they run straight to the pack to light up their celebratory cig.  They did however come up with belay glasses...genius!  Or click here for the US site.

Plane tickets and and lodging are in the books.  

Seen you in October, Kalymnos.  The awesomeness will begin as we arrive in Athens for Kristin's Birthday:)

New Kalymnos Guidebook to the planets best Tufa Wrestling