A Summit County 5 Star Loop - Keystone Gulch to Aqueduct Trail

Following a day of recovery from our combo housewarming / birthday party K, Drew and I saddled up and set course for Keystone.  Our goal a widely suggested loop ride: Keystone Gulch to Aqueduct Trail.  Receiving 5 / 5 stars from Dan Hickstein's new guidebook:  The Mountain Biker's Guide to Colorado and ecstatic reviews from Tom and Anne who rode it the previous day.  We were primed for some rad riding!

Date: Sept 3, 2012
Riders: Drew, Kristin and Me
Mileage: 18.3 miles
Elevation Gain: 2958'
Average Pace: 15 min/mile
Total time includes breaks: 4 hours
Trail description: A quick climb via Keystone Gulch road passing several of the Keystone ski lifts, then escapes the road passing an iron gate.  After another climb on singletrack you join up with the COT (final portion of Segment #6 - Kenosha Pass to Gold Hill).  As usual the COT didn't disappoint,  I found the next several miles to be the best of the loop (all downhill).  From here you bid farewell to the COT and follow yet another piece of splendid singletrack north along Soda Creek eventually joining into Aqueduct trail and returning you to Keystone Gulch trailhead.      

A couple of important unmarked trail junctions along the way

Elevation with corresponding speed profile

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Trees Eating Bikes

Corner K

Beetles Eating Bark

Drew (aka CT 10k)

Only Bikes

CT 10k Gets Wet