The Return of the Kalymnian Wall Wrastlers

Meet the Kalymnian Wall Wrastling Heroes

(Di, K-love, Wonder Womb'n, Eric the Great, Me, WAG)

Our mission, to successfully conquer sector after sector of endless tufa laden walls, to recklessly scooter rally around the island with frequent stops at mythos watering holes, to bravely sight-see in Turkey and consume fried cheese in between the consumption of countless Gyro's.

During our 3-week stay on the Greek island of Kalymnos we choose to fuel our super hero rock wrastling skills by local Kalymnian favorites such as:

Kaly Thyme Honey

Staples - Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner
He (WAG) could of ate them every day
The Feta Stuffed Squid

Shoe Tree
A Fatolitis memorial to those attempting to conquer the TUFA

Over-head X-ray Vision
a superpower we first discovered in 2010 - A belayer's dream come true

WAG discovers his Kryptonite
falling tufa at the Secret Garden

Di's Secret Weapon
The Celebratory Kung Fu Kick after Crushing Lucky Strike 5.12b

K-Love Conquers the TUFA Pipes of
Carpe Diem 5.10c

Me Barely Smiling on the Popular Polished Pockets of
Atena 5.10d

Di Defying Gravity on
Dirlanda 5.12c

WAG Methodically Battles through the TUFA Forest of Priapos for 45 Minutes
Priapos 5.12d

Me Planning the Asault on the TUFA Curtains of
Steps Ahead 5.12a

After the departure of Wonder Womb'n and Eric the Great the rest of us were left with an secondary yet very important mission...The recovery of Wonder Womb n's hat.  It was believed that some of the locals had taken the hat and were seen around town posing for pictures with the infamous hat.

The Longtime Protector of the Afternoon Sector: Billy Goat Gruff
Pulled the WW hat from a climbing pack

A local Sponge Exporter:  Sponge Bob Grey Pants
offered facial sponges to the ladies in an attempt to keep the WW hat

The Talkative Corner Shop Dude
K-love exchanges a hug and her ear for the return of the WW hat 

K-Love recovers Wonder Womb'ns Prized Position

Me on a Victory Lap After our Recovery of WW's hat

WAG's best Impression of the Kalymnian Crime Thugs who tried to take WW's hat

Till Next Time Kaly

Telendos Island from Poets Wall

Me Storming the Kastelli Castle

K-Love Peacefully Posing on Kastelli Castle