Dunton - The best wedding ever (according to most) 12/8/12

Nestled deep in the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado is a dreamy little place, Dunton Hot Springs.  A little mining community that was established in 1885. It sat as an abandoned ghost town for quite some time before the current owners took seven years creatively restoring the ghost town, with beautiful interior renovations, while keeping the exteriors rustic.  There is the old dance hall, saloon and library. The original bath house with indoor and outdoor hot springs, not to mention four more natural hot springs spread throughout the town.  We rented out the whole town for a few days and had.... well... as said by many "The Best Wedding Ever!"  

I probably would have needed help anyway but broken hand didn't help - WAG Photos

Chuck went for one of his normal pre work mountain bike rides behind our house and ended up taking a spill 1 week before our wedding and breaking his hand. He was thoughtful enough to have his cast match his tie :)

Crafty family - homemade wedding dress and stump - WAG Photos

The stump creatively made by both Morgan and Ryan Casey.  If anyone ever runs through Dunton, CO could these please pick up the stump for us.  Somehow we managed to leave the stump behind :(  The wedding dress was amazingly made by my "crafty and clever" mother Debbie Casey. It took her all of 1-2 days to finish!

The Walk - Father n Daughter - WAG Photos

Gangsta Ring Bearers WAG Photos
Our handsome nephews Brodie Stach and Riley Casey

We had the privilege of having the Reverend JP Casey marry us :)- WAG Photos

Boys and Their Toys - WAG Photos

Some Slick FellasWag Photos

The Gang - WAG Photos

The AK Fab Four (partners in crime for best pre-wedding fun ever :)) - WAG Photos

My brother Shane flew in from Portland, besties Noelle and Shanna from AK we convened in Denver 5 days before the wedding and had a blast making our way down to Dunton. My stomach was so sore just from laughing. Spent a great night in Ouray dabbling in brewery and hot springs fun.

Me Moms - WAG Photos

The Peak in the background is a part of the Mt Wilson and El Diente Peak massive.  Well me moms she climbed that with me several years prior....oh ya those are 14,000 foot peaks.  To this day me moms is still one of my favorite 14er hiking partners:)   

Father and Daughter - WAG Photos

The McQuade's - WAG Photos

The Casey's - WAG Photos

Fires, Sunsets and New Brother-In-laws - WAG Photos

The Dunton 42 - WAG Photos

 Cheers - Mr and Mrs. McQuade - WAG Photos

Most amazing wedding due to beautiful location, quaint unique town, amazing/attentive staff. Great gourmet food. And of course amazing friends and family that we are so lucky to have!!