The Avalache Heard Around the World - Tunnel Creek, WA Feb 19,2012

Last February three people were killed in an avalanche near Stevens Pass ski area.  The three were skiing with a group of 16 friends some meeting for the first time.  The group descended a popular route just outside the resort boundary.   Twenty-six inches of snow had fallen in the previous 48 hours. According to the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center’s subsequent incident report, the avalanche was a 32-inch-deep-by-200-foot-wide slab that traveled 2,650 vertical feet down a twisting, tree-ringed chute. 
  • I suggest a read of the NWAC's incident report they did an outstanding job with the report, there is always much to be learned from these reports. (see link above or below)

The New York Times recently rolled out an absolutely stunning multimedia story package: six parts including  interactive graphics and videos. I loved the moving piece by John Branch, and again highly recommend the read.  A great learning opportunity exists within these two reports/stories.

 Accident Location imagery from the NWAC's incident report