Ride, Hot Tomato, Siesta, Ride, Beer, Repeat - Fruita, CO

We had to go get it before the western slope got to HOT!  Fruita that is, and we got it!  What a rad place, great biking, great food and great beers!  For three days our cycle was as follows:
  1. Bike
  2. Hot Tomato Cafe 
  3. Siesta
  4. Bike
  5. Copper Club Brewery
  6. Return to 1. and repeat

 FRUITA!!!! - Backwards Endo over the Sandstone Crevasse - Mack Ridge Trail

Sandstone Mesa-Top Riding - Horsethief Bench Loop below

Day 1 of our Fruita visit we put in a great tour of the Kokopelli trail system (west of Fruita) via a brilliant connection of some of the areas best singletrack.  In summary we started on Mary's Loop connected into Horsethief Bench Loop, back to Mary's then connecting into Steve's Loop, repeating a short section of Mary's Loop until joing into Wrangler's back down to the car.  An excellent description of the loop, including gps tracks and maps can be found by clicking on the MTB Project link.

Also check out Over The Edge Sports a great bike shop with a very friendly staff, whom are all knowledgeable and not afraid to share their ride beta for the area. 

Balancing along Mack Ridge with the Colorado River Twisting Below

A Painted Desert

BookCliffs as seen from the - Frontside Trail

For practically no climbing and amazingly flowy, fast and super playful downhill head to 18 Road Trail System, north of Fruita.  A few pearls for the area:  leave your food and larger quantities of water in your vehicle at the main parking lot, as the trails for the most part all end up back at the parking lot!  refuel and go for the next round.   

Getting surprised by a steep on the screaming fast descent - Zippity Do Da Trail

The Fast and Playful Horsethief Bench Loop

Steve's Loop viewed from Mack Ridge

 K cornering under the Horsethief Bench

Slot Canyon Riding - Steve's Loop

What a glorious section of Steve's Loop, first you ride along the slot canyon's edge before climbing up above for great views of the trail you just left behind.

Drew Banking near the Edge of Mack Ridge

Don't Exit This Corner to Fast :)

Desert in Bloom

Trails Creepily close to Slot Canyons

 Collard Lizard

Zippity's Nicely Exposed Ridge Rolling Trails

Yuccas n Bikes

Tireless views of Kokopelli from along Mack Ridge Trail - Lion's Loop and Steve's Loop seen below 

See You in the Fall Fruita :)