Arctic Temps for the Front Range - A Chilled Coors

The first week of December was....record breaking and bone chilling to say the least.  With the mercury plummeting well below zero, Denver set a record low for the 4th.   Not long before midnight, the temperature had dropped to -13 degrees. This frigid reading shattered the record low temperature for December 4th. The previous mark was -5 degrees last set in 2008.
I got the bright idea to hike up the southern slopes of North Table Mountain behind our house and take several long exposure shots of Coors Factory, in order to capture the town lights of Golden along with the busy beer production going on within the factory.  The longer exposure times allowed for the capture of the moving steam coming from the factory on this bone chilling night.    
Exposure: 13 sec Aperture: f/10 ISO Speed: 250