Kick'n Off Spring - West Elks, CO

Grandma Debbie and Liam hold down the fort back home.  Thanks Guys!!  While Anson jumps on a plane from AK to come hang with K, Drew, SB and I.  We spend a few glorious days among the west elks, welcoming spring to CO with perfect conditions under endless sun.  After each day we would drive down to these perfect hotsprings and soak our skied out legs for hours!  Perfect.  

Cant wait for next weekend...Liam's first roadtrip, heading down to the San Juan's to ride some more. Meeting Grandma Diane this time......CHEERS to amazing family!

This about sums it up!  What a perfect few days in the West Elks with some of my favorite peeps and some amazing conditions!

"C-Bass" aka Colleen Bad Ass

What a gem these hotsprings were! Treating us all well for several apres tour soaks.

Anson, comes down from Alaska to get some in CO

A little private summit pump session for our little Liam back at home with grandma.  Thanks grandma for the amazing weekend get away it was perfect!!

Sara Beth sporting her malfunctioning helmet.

Kristin back touring and shredding only a few days after the doc's give her the go ahead!  She's amazing its like she never missed a beat

For our return trip to the hotsprings we thought it would be more fun to change into our swim wear at the trailhead.....COLD:)

The ladies cheers to Liam's full-term birthday (March 7)

Liam breaks 6 1/2 pounds during his two month checkup!!  "Hey mom i weigh as much as you when you were born"