San Juan Chuting and Ouray Hanging

Grandma McQuade "Grammy D" met us up in Ouray, CO to hang out with Liam while K, Drew, Todd and I got to play in the San Juan sun:)  We set up shop in an amazing house in Ouray cooked gourmet meals, drank cold beers and soaked in hot springs after riding our brains out in the SJ's.  Sorry no pics of the Orvis springs (clothing optional) :)  we kept on our swim suits for Grandma and Liam's sake:)

Thanks Grammy D for playing with us in Ouray!  

Todd carefully negotiating the 3' wide ridge on the approach to "Grandma Couloir"

Mining leftovers :)

K taking the quick way up a steep headwall guarding our 2nd days couloir

The Medela tour pump in full effect

The crew enjoying an apres tour beer on day 3

Old mining town near Red Mountain Pass, Yankee Girl Mine

A celebratory high five'r after braving the narrow ridge.  Pops insisted in carrying moms splitty across the crux ridge:)

A warmup run off the ridges shoulder before heading backup to the couloir in the photos background


Todd and K readying for the descent of "Grandma Couloir"

McQuad's in Ouray (Grammy D)

Todd crushing one of the trips many great lines

Til the next trip spring trip :) We owe you one Grammy D thanks for the great trip!