Liam's 1st B-Day

Mom created a sugarless as healthy as they come cupcakes and a birthday cake for the little stud's 1st birthday!  What a hit they were, he started at the lion cake by picking off the cheerio mane before getting the courage to dig right into the cake and make that first birthday cake mess :)  Thanks to all the family and friends for hanging out and making Liam's first birthday such a memorable one!

The Lioness & her Creation

The Lioness & her Creation

Dig In

Dig In

Happy 1st Birthday Buddy

Happy 1st Birthday Buddy

A Great December Wrap Up to 2014

December was an exciting month...well busy is perhaps a better description.  Liam decided overnight that he was tired of sitting and preferred to be standing or walking (with assistance).  He holds onto your fingers for balance and explores by walking in and out of every room possible.  Its hard to keep up with him now....oh man what happens when he is truly walking :)

I can't believe our little guy is almost a year old!  Only a few more weeks.  Will he walk by Jan 16?  :)  oh he is so close

Holding On

Holding On


A Little: Crested Butte, Scarp Ridge, Good Eats & Grammy D

Grammy D (Grandma McQuade) came up for a few weeks of fun and hanging with the Grandson:).  Part of her visit we traveled to Crested Butte and spent 5 days mountain biking and hiking several of the areas classics.  Including a jaunt up Scarp Ridge...what an amazing hike this little Gem is:)        

Loving him some Crayon colored bricks

Daddy's Happy Camper

Scarp Ridge and its 2000' cliffs

GPS tracks up the Scarp Rdige

These two are non stop giggles when they hangout

 Enjoying the plush comforts of our mountain-side condo in Crested Butte

Two crazy ladies we happened to come across on our hike of Scarp Ridge (Grammy D and Lynn)

Staying warm at the Secret Stash, waiting on our Pizza

Entertaining the cooks preparing the mornings breakfast

The dudes getting it done on Scarp Ridge

Now that's some great mountain scenery :):):)

Montanya Distillers

, not only memorable craft cocktails but some great tapas

The Anthracite's

Some great subject material  

Thanks Grammy D for a great 2 weeks!!!!!!  

Climbing & "Bouncing Cats" - Ten Sleep Canyon, WY

We all had such a great time climbing for 5 days!....that I failed to take a single climbing pic :)  Well not true Liam got on the rock for the first time:)  He also appeared to be endlessly amused with our attempts to beatbox around the campfire...."Bouncing Cats" is a common phrase used to create vocal percussion...lets just say the phrase got over used and was even used during crux moves and red point attempts.

Ten Sleep Canyon

Starting the day at the crack of of the reason we love climbing in ten sleep...sleep in (til ten) eat breakfast lounge around camp til noon then climb til dark.  The majority of the climbing sectors dont go into the shade til noon.   

Liam first climb...looks like he is hooked:)

back at camp eating hid pre climbing carrots.....or is it wearing?

Team Bouncing Cats...waiting out a rain delay at the

Slavery Wall

  (Kendall and Lynn)

Holding down the fort as we set up camp

The trail marker (WYO style) for Valhalla and



A little creek side bath time after 5 days of camping

Liam rocked... 4 days of hanging out at the crag for 6-8 hours each day.  Usually with a big smile on his face...the perfect crag baby!

Poster Boy

Grammy D (McQuade) is back in CO for a few weeks to hangout with our little "Poster Boy".  Yeh

A little Peeka..........


Look at that large bowl of avocados all gone!  He eats like a champ for Grammy D

Mr. Man AK'n - Kenai Peninsula Exploration with AK Baby

AK baby!  What a great trip with our little buddy.  He was a trooper and a perfect traveler, not a peep out of him on the 6 hour plane flight!  And camping and hiking what a stud.  And cant wait for our next adventure with him:)  ICELAND

Mr. Man happy to be exploring his moms favorite place on the planet in his Peruvian hoody brought home by Wes and Di from their recent venture to Peru.  It seems Liam has started to outgrow the hoody, at least he put it to use this trip.

Our room with a view strategically placed at the tip of the Homer spit.  One of our adventures involved taking a boat across Kachemak Bay to Kayaker's Cove and hiking Grace Ridge ( the long ridge line seen dead center of above pic) 

  • The Homer Spit located in Homer, Alaska on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula. The spit is a 5 mile long piece of land jutting out into Kachemak Bay. The Spit features the longest road into ocean waters in the entire world.
  • Click link for a satellite view of our camp at homer spit at the Grace Ridge Hike

One of several old boats along the Homer spit road

Exposure: 20 sec Aperture: f/16 Focal Length: 12 mm ISO Speed: 200 

Virgin Falls found after a short hike right out of the town of Girdwood, AK.  I waited a few days to get this shot due to almost 36 hours of continuous rain.  The image was captured using a ND filter (

LEE Filters Sev5n System.  How do ND filters work....

  • A dark filter which greatly extends exposure times giving the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea.The filter can also be used on cityscapes to blur people or on roads and motorways to blur traffic
  • A video from Lee Filters

Mr. Man waiting for daddy to get back to the dinner table at Captain Pattie's Fish House on the Homer Spit

This curious little fella blocked our trail for awhile before raising his quills and sauntering off

Shortly after this capture this darned blackbird persistently dive bombed and chased my down a side street at the end of the homer spit ( hence the name of the street Lands End)

One of my favorites taken along the Grace Ridge Trail.  The mushrooms just barely staying out of the suns rays.  The undersides of the shrooms seem to be illuminated by the lights reflection off the green ferns.

Early morning while K and Liam slept in, I took a stroll along the harbor at the tip of the spit.  Things were quiet enough so I secretly opened a gate and took some interesting shot of these land lost buoys.  I love the spray paint on the bottoms; kind of a glimpse into each buoys past

Exposure: 0.6 sec  Aperture: f/8 Focal Length: 12 mm ISO Speed: 200

Virgin Falls again, only this time a 0.6 sec exposure vs the 20 sec exposure above.  Notice with less exposure time the waters path/movement is easier noted

Liam and Kelly watching  her son Paul energetically bouncing around in his bouncing swing

Paul :)

A boat bringing in the mornings catch to be unloaded via crane.  Halibut perhaps?  Homer is called the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World"

Some fellas casting off the tip of the spit.  These guys caught a fish every few minutes.  If you look closely you can see they have each landed one.

The boardwalk along the spit.  a good place to find some fresh fish caught right there within Kachemak Bay

Taking a break at treeline, Liam getting out of his pack for a snack and some stretches

K and Liam aboard the Mulligan, the boat in charge of taking us across Kachemak Bay over to Tutka Bay and landing us on Kayaker's Cove to start the hike of Grace Ridge

Engulfed by the dense forest of lower Grace Ridge

Comfy enough to sleep

Views just exiting treeline on Grace Ridge

Getting out for some rain drenched hiking during a 2 day stretch of continuous rain in Girdwood. The only thing wet under Liam's rain fly was his blanket from sucking on it:)

Mount Iliamna is a glacier-covered stratovolcano in the largely volcanic Aleutian Range in southwest Alaska

After our 6 hour adventure along Grace Ridge we wait patiently for our boat pickup at Kayaker's Cove

Buoy Graveyard

The high-tide and lack of clamming opportunities had bored him to sleep during a trip to Clam Gulch near Kenai, Ak

One tired AKer....til next years Alaska ski trip and sea kayaking trips

Enchanted Towers & Monster Tents - New Mexico

A road trip down to New Mexico last off week resulted in Liam's first camping experience at one of my favorite climbing destinations, the Enchanted Tower, near Datil, NM.  The 110' iconic tower boasts approx 20 routes on the steep severely pocketed 110' wall.  Joyous pocket pulling at its best.  Liam loved camping!....good thing, because I'm not sure he has much choice :) Grammy-D also came camping with us and she too had a blast...thanks mom for joining and helping with Mr. Man, what a blast!

The 110'

Enchanted Tower


Datil, New Mexico

.  Home to some of the best steep pocket pulling around!

Jordan climbing

Shipwrecked 5.12c

on the famous Enchanted Tower

Liam and Grammy-D pulling the rope for pops after an ascent of

Witch's Promise 5.11b

Granmmy-D's riding buddy Maestro showing off his new barn remodel

Settling for the night in our new "condo" style tent - Liam seemed to love camping!

Aiden and and his pops Robin packing up after a good weekend of climbing and camping with the crew

Grammy-D's youngest horse Haideh

A small figurine standing among the garden in Peralta, NM

The man holding down the fort

Who needs the mono with that reach

Dara utilizing the rope after an ascent of Shipwrecked to do some crazy silk aerials

Dara flying off the tower

Steph and Henry

Best Buds

Best'er Buds

Liam assisting mommy with her knot

Smiling Fella N' Spring Flowers

This past off week was great.  Liam and I had some bonding time as mom worked 4 shifts.  The most in a week since her return to work.  Although Grandma and Grandpa Casey so kindly agreed to watch the little guy while I camped and climbed at Shelf Road over the weekend:)  Great Time!   Liam, K and I also got to squeeze in a hike prior to these down pours CO has been receiving.  Liam loves to be outside....good thing right:)  He is always very smiley and curious when were are outside.

He is turning into quite the funny guy always laughing and smiling up a storm

 The Cactus Cliff and Spiney Ridge zones as seen from the Bank camp ground

Liam playing in the garden

He used to sleep tucked down in the ergobaby carrier, now he prefers sticking his head out to keep an eye on everything

The springs last snow storm with the Coor's Factory Wastewater treatment plant in the foreground. Had to pass some no trespassing signs to get this pic:)

Ca-Boy Fences, Selfies and a Proud Mommy

A few random shots from around Golden.  And of course a few Liam shots:)

Along the Coors Factory train tracks showing our middle of May snowstorm

 Liam's first selfie taken in a mirror

There are cowboys who use this here gate

Auntie Shelley meets Liam

Happy 1st Mother's Day Beautiful:)

My brother in route to Coor's Field for a Rox game

Willow Comes to Visit Liam

This past off week the Wodraska's from AZ visited.  We all got to meet their lovely daughter Willow for the first time.  We spent several days hanging around golden, got in some climbing, hiking, and BBQ'n.  Cant wait til the next time....either can Liam:)

Josie introduces Willow and Liam

Eric hanging with the kiddos

Liam's first day of climbing at Clear Creek Canyon, CO.  The PeaPod rocks

Spring Fever - things were starting to green up nicely for our desert visitors from Tucson

Willow has applied sunscreen and is ready to check out Eldorado Canyon

Runoff is getting good

Playing in the grass at Eldo

Willow trusting her new best buddy with her finger

The key to keeping up with the little ones

Future best buddies? :)

Playing with the Casey's

Liam hung out with the Casey clan down in Manitou Springs while K and I skied and climbed:)  What a great weekend, Thanks Casey's!  So the little chunker weighs over 9 pounds right now.  He has come a long way from his 3 lbs at birth:)  He does push ups and holds his head up, strong guy, Im afraid he will be crawling around the house here before too long:)

Old barn near fourmile creek on our way to climb at Shelf Road

On a hike with Grandma Debbie - Red Rocks Canyon - Manitou Springs, CO

Passed Out! on Grandma Debbie

Skiing in the Tenmile Range then climbing at Shelf Road "the CO double"

Grandma's & Great Grandma's

Liam hangs out with Grandma McQuade "Grammy D" in Ouray, CO for several days taking in the local scenery and waterfall hikes while K, Drew, Todd and I get some quality splitboarding time in the San Juan's.  Our evenings consisted of making gourmet dinners in our rented house in the heart of downtown Ouray, followed by soaking in the Orvis Hotsprings.

After several days of hanging out with Grammy D in Ouray, Liam then got to meet his Great Grandma "GiGi" from Minnesota for the first time.  As well as his auntie Ruth.  What a lucky dude getting to hang with all these amazing ladies:)

Great Grandma GiGi

Yesterday's Hike

Cuddle time with Grammy D in Ouray, CO

Roaring like his Polar Bear

Home made rocking horse brought to Ouray with Grammy D.  Thanks Toni and Greg for the beautifully made horsey!

Liam Knows How to Pack on the Pounds :)

Since increasing his milk from 60cc to 80cc every 3 hours, the little guy now weighs 6 pounds

Maybe it was the beer not the increase to 80cc:)

She's a beauty

Uncle Drew and Auntie SB at Barrels and Bottles

Mavis and Ryan hanging at the Toad with Liam

Mom Gets Doctor's Approval

Mom gets the green light in a few days (6 weeks post C-section) , a ski perhaps:)  Well deserved I'd say:)  Although Liam might have to sit on the pine when it comes to skiing. That hasn't been the case this past week when its come to hiking in the winter sun:)  He has been hiking several times as and managed to fit in his first micro brewery at Golden's Mountain Toad Brewing along with auntie Kirsten and cousin Magnolia.

Aside from Liam's busy outdoor activities schedule he continues to feed and grow.  We had an appointment with the lactation nurse yesterday and to our surprise he was "only" weighing in at 5.5 pounds, mom and dad expected more of a weight gain over the past week, so after Nicky the lactation nurse gave some pointers on breast feeding little Liam took in 76cc's there in her office. Our first major breast feeding accomplishment.  Not only did he successfully breast feed but he also showed us that the 60cc's we had been feeding him every 3 hours wasnt enough.  So we bumped his feeds up he now takes 75-80cc's every 3 hours.  He is a pig:)  If you're wondering how we were able to quantify the amount of milk consumed while breast feeding.......we weighed him on a scale naked before and after the breast feed:)  Thank goodness no one weighs me before and after a meal :)

Standing on top of Golden's iconic Table Mountain soaking up the sun in mid February

Apres hike brewery - Liam about to pound his milk:)

Mag's showing me her hands aren't cold

Snuggling with my boy at the Toad

Mag's and her gang up to no good

Kid swap:)

Sharing some of papa's papas

Our Angel has Landed - Liam's Home

Our little angel flew the coop today!  Way ahead of schedule (36 weeks and 3 days vs the staffs suggested 38 weeks).  Over the weekend little Liam decided to surprise the medical staff and start taking all his feeds himself on his own schedule.  So once again Liam is early:) and leaves the hospital way ahead of schedule.

Liam's first car seat voyage. What a huge car seat:)

Liam's portable crib for now, next to mom and dad

Asleep at home - finally:)