Guess Who is Coming Home!!!!!

Ahhhhh guess who is coming Home!!!!

Yesterday Liam was put on a trial:  eating on his own schedule, no NG (tube feeds).  So once he started fussing and trying to eat his fists, we would give him a bottle.  His minimum goal was 160cc in a 12 hour period.  He blasted that goal about 200cc was chugged!

I just called the NICU this am to see when we should come in to bath him and Veronica said "how would you two like to sleep in the hospital tonight?"  "Because your little stud can come home tomorrow!"

Crazy he is only 36 2/7 weeks old stud!  Crazy surprise he has done nothing but impress and is coming home earlier then most!!!

yesterday he gained another 55grams 4lbs 14oz.  Will probably be exactly 5lbs when he comes home tomorrow.....oh ya he needs to pass his car set test first (has to sit in car seat for 1/2 hour without de-sating)

Also veronica (his RN this am)  said Liam pulled his own NG tube out this am.  Someone is telling us its time to come home

Yesterday trying to tell us he is ready for the next bottle

The meeting of the grandparents and great grandma and great auntie (GG and Ruth on facetime)