Little Bath Time & Liam Meets Uncle Shane

4 lbs 2 oz!! (1885grams)


4 lbs 4 oz!! (1930 grams) up to 37cc's of breast milk.  And just finished his 2nd bottle today, someone is getting stronger.  So two feeds were via the bottle today, which is a big accomplishment!....meaning Liam was able to coordinate suck,swallow and breath.  He has also successfully feed from mom's breast, but this seems to be more tiring for him.  That's the next big step! 


Liam has graduated to Open Bed status!  No more Isolet.  Those pictures coming soon.  His "nicotine patch" the little circular patch on his cheek finally came off.  This was left on to hold a nasal cannula in-case he ever required oxygen.  Not our BOY:) 

Liam meets his uncle Shane for the first time

Uncle Shane and Liam : CO to AK