Grandma's & Great Grandma's

Liam hangs out with Grandma McQuade "Grammy D" in Ouray, CO for several days taking in the local scenery and waterfall hikes while K, Drew, Todd and I get some quality splitboarding time in the San Juan's.  Our evenings consisted of making gourmet dinners in our rented house in the heart of downtown Ouray, followed by soaking in the Orvis Hotsprings.

After several days of hanging out with Grammy D in Ouray, Liam then got to meet his Great Grandma "GiGi" from Minnesota for the first time.  As well as his auntie Ruth.  What a lucky dude getting to hang with all these amazing ladies:)

Great Grandma GiGi

Yesterday's Hike

Cuddle time with Grammy D in Ouray, CO

Roaring like his Polar Bear

Home made rocking horse brought to Ouray with Grammy D.  Thanks Toni and Greg for the beautifully made horsey!