Smiling Fella N' Spring Flowers

This past off week was great.  Liam and I had some bonding time as mom worked 4 shifts.  The most in a week since her return to work.  Although Grandma and Grandpa Casey so kindly agreed to watch the little guy while I camped and climbed at Shelf Road over the weekend:)  Great Time!   Liam, K and I also got to squeeze in a hike prior to these down pours CO has been receiving.  Liam loves to be outside....good thing right:)  He is always very smiley and curious when were are outside.

He is turning into quite the funny guy always laughing and smiling up a storm

 The Cactus Cliff and Spiney Ridge zones as seen from the Bank camp ground

Liam playing in the garden

He used to sleep tucked down in the ergobaby carrier, now he prefers sticking his head out to keep an eye on everything

The springs last snow storm with the Coor's Factory Wastewater treatment plant in the foreground. Had to pass some no trespassing signs to get this pic:)