Mom Gets Doctor's Approval

Mom gets the green light in a few days (6 weeks post C-section) , a ski perhaps:)  Well deserved I'd say:)  Although Liam might have to sit on the pine when it comes to skiing. That hasn't been the case this past week when its come to hiking in the winter sun:)  He has been hiking several times as and managed to fit in his first micro brewery at Golden's Mountain Toad Brewing along with auntie Kirsten and cousin Magnolia.

Aside from Liam's busy outdoor activities schedule he continues to feed and grow.  We had an appointment with the lactation nurse yesterday and to our surprise he was "only" weighing in at 5.5 pounds, mom and dad expected more of a weight gain over the past week, so after Nicky the lactation nurse gave some pointers on breast feeding little Liam took in 76cc's there in her office. Our first major breast feeding accomplishment.  Not only did he successfully breast feed but he also showed us that the 60cc's we had been feeding him every 3 hours wasnt enough.  So we bumped his feeds up he now takes 75-80cc's every 3 hours.  He is a pig:)  If you're wondering how we were able to quantify the amount of milk consumed while breast feeding.......we weighed him on a scale naked before and after the breast feed:)  Thank goodness no one weighs me before and after a meal :)

Standing on top of Golden's iconic Table Mountain soaking up the sun in mid February

Apres hike brewery - Liam about to pound his milk:)

Mag's showing me her hands aren't cold

Snuggling with my boy at the Toad

Mag's and her gang up to no good

Kid swap:)

Sharing some of papa's papas