A Little: Crested Butte, Scarp Ridge, Good Eats & Grammy D

Grammy D (Grandma McQuade) came up for a few weeks of fun and hanging with the Grandson:).  Part of her visit we traveled to Crested Butte and spent 5 days mountain biking and hiking several of the areas classics.  Including a jaunt up Scarp Ridge...what an amazing hike this little Gem is:)        

Loving him some Crayon colored bricks

Daddy's Happy Camper

Scarp Ridge and its 2000' cliffs

GPS tracks up the Scarp Rdige

These two are non stop giggles when they hangout

 Enjoying the plush comforts of our mountain-side condo in Crested Butte

Two crazy ladies we happened to come across on our hike of Scarp Ridge (Grammy D and Lynn)

Staying warm at the Secret Stash, waiting on our Pizza

Entertaining the cooks preparing the mornings breakfast

The dudes getting it done on Scarp Ridge

Now that's some great mountain scenery :):):)

Montanya Distillers

, not only memorable craft cocktails but some great tapas

The Anthracite's

Some great subject material  

Thanks Grammy D for a great 2 weeks!!!!!!  

Poster Boy

Grammy D (McQuade) is back in CO for a few weeks to hangout with our little "Poster Boy".  Yeh

A little Peeka..........


Look at that large bowl of avocados all gone!  He eats like a champ for Grammy D