Enchanted Towers & Monster Tents - New Mexico

A road trip down to New Mexico last off week resulted in Liam's first camping experience at one of my favorite climbing destinations, the Enchanted Tower, near Datil, NM.  The 110' iconic tower boasts approx 20 routes on the steep severely pocketed 110' wall.  Joyous pocket pulling at its best.  Liam loved camping!....good thing, because I'm not sure he has much choice :) Grammy-D also came camping with us and she too had a blast...thanks mom for joining and helping with Mr. Man, what a blast!

The 110'

Enchanted Tower


Datil, New Mexico

.  Home to some of the best steep pocket pulling around!

Jordan climbing

Shipwrecked 5.12c

on the famous Enchanted Tower

Liam and Grammy-D pulling the rope for pops after an ascent of

Witch's Promise 5.11b

Granmmy-D's riding buddy Maestro showing off his new barn remodel

Settling for the night in our new "condo" style tent - Liam seemed to love camping!

Aiden and and his pops Robin packing up after a good weekend of climbing and camping with the crew

Grammy-D's youngest horse Haideh

A small figurine standing among the garden in Peralta, NM

The man holding down the fort

Who needs the mono with that reach

Dara utilizing the rope after an ascent of Shipwrecked to do some crazy silk aerials

Dara flying off the tower

Steph and Henry

Best Buds

Best'er Buds

Liam assisting mommy with her knot