2 Uber Classics - Crested Butte Mtn Biking


The Dyke Trail  Loop (description from Mtn Bike Project)

The Dyke Trail should be high on everybody's list of rides to do when visiting Crested Butte.  This trail throws just about everything at you from smooth flowy singletrack, loose technical descents, a leg and lung burning climb in the middle, several small water crossings and fantastic views of the Ruby Range and the Anthracite mountains.  Use the New Wagon Trail singletrack to cut off several miles on asphalt. 

Teocalli Ridge Loop (description from Mtn Bike Project)

Teocalli Ridge is another classic ride in the Brush Creek area.  Along the way, take in some incredible views up-valley and remind yourself why you enjoy this sport so much.  When you get near the top of the ridge you'll come to a nice view point and stopping area, with great views of Teocalli Mountain, Castle Peak, Pearl Pass, and the Middle Brush Creek drainage on your left. This is a good place for lunch. Drop you seat and get ready for some of the best downhill in the area!


Nearing the end of the brutal climb up Teocalli Ridge before a 2000' screaming downhill descent.  To this point my favorite downhill in the CB area! Especially since the new descent was finished by the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association --- amazing job!

 The stunning view of Castle Pk (14er), with a fresh 6" from the night before.  As seen from Teocalli Ridge

K being engulfed by the massive aspen stand surrounding Kebler Pass on the Dyke Trail.  

The Dyke Trail takes you through one of the largest aspen stands in the US. Confirmed as a clonal colony (single root system)...therefore one of the largest single organisms on the planet.

Part of the approach climb up brush creek.  Teocalli is the peak seen right side of photo.  The trail climbs underneath the rock bands to the lookers right


View of the final descent off Teocalli Ridge

So dense

One of Teocalli's  two mandatory creek crossings

One of 14 new switchbacks established by the CBMBA - notice the cinder blocks they lugged up to help with solidifying the corners


The excitement ended shortly after, as the most challenging part of the climb was just ahead.

What a perfect time in CB...thanks Grammy D for hanging with Liam and making the biking possible:)